Tulalip Casino (Marysville) - 2021 All You Need to Know ...

[Thank You] to a whole bunch of lovely people!!

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Tulalip Casino Poker Room to Close on 10/31/2019

Found out through a friend that the Tulalip Casino Poker Room is closing on 10/31/2019. No big details yet or announcement from the tribe.
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Driving down to Washington: Any tips?

I'll be making my first drive down to Washington from Vancouver in two days just to kill some time. I was thinking of concluding my night at the Tulalip Casino Buffet before heading back to Vancouver. However, what are some things I should do in between? Im planning on stopping at Bellingham, what are somethings I could check out? What are some things I should know while I make the drive down there?
Any advice would be appreciated.
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Best Casino for slot machines?

Hello, my family is visiting and they usually like to visit casinos and play slot machines. I have no clue about casinos. Based on my research it seems like the best one is either the Snolquamie casino or the Tulalip casino. Is that right? Are there any other good ones? Which of the two do you recommend?
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Think I saw the beginning of a high speed chase around Marysville this morning? But can’t find any info.

I’m trying to find info on what looked like a high speed chase this morning around 9:15am just north of the Tulalip casino.
Saw an Expedition going north, but on the shoulder and against southbound traffic. Driver cuts across all traffic and continues driving against traffic, but on the shoulder at the median. By the time we caught up he’s making a u-turn across all lanes and exiting on an offramp (with traffic flow). Saw one cop car with lights on headed south after the Expedition took the exit.
Seemed like it was just a matter of time before a crash and all I’ve been able to find is this crappy WSDOT traffic can footage, but I’m surprised there isn’t more info available.
Is there a state patrol blotter or something similar available online?
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Playing my first cash game in about 2 years. Wish me luck!

I'm from Queens NY and used to play a boiler room in Koreatown, 1/2 mostly, a few nights a week. I really missed it. Long story short I was really involved in dope (that's also how I had money to buy in 4 nights a week) and ended up going to rehab. Really climbed my life back up from the gutter, moved out of my mom's house to Washington state to a city/state I've never been before, somehow scored an amazing job, became self sufficient, and here we are 2 years later. So for the past 2 years didn't really have any access to money let alone to play poker. About 2-3 months ago I started watching poker again and hand analysis for a few hours a day and playing on Bovada. I'm going to go play 1/3 at the Tulalip Casino. I'm bringing two bullets, not sure if I'll spend all 400 though. I will probably lose tonight because my live play will be most likely poor because of rustiness, but I am excited to be driving to the casino soon.
Wish me luck guys!
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Boyfriend and I are Traveling to Everett Aug 24-27. Suggestions please! :)

We live in Vancouver, BC, Canada. So taking this trip is only a 2 hour drive from home. We'll be staying at one of the hotels in Downtown Everett to give you an idea how far away or how close we are to suggestions.
The only thing we have planned so far is to go to the Buffet at the Tulalip Casino and The Cheesecake Factory in Seattle.
We're both into TCG's so anyone who knows any good card stores, we're more than willing to check them out.
Otherwise, what are some good must see's while we're here?
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Stand-up comedy show hecklers, why do you do it?

I attended a medium size venue stand-up performance last night. (John Oliver at the Tulalip Casino, just outside of Seattle WA). A woman in the front row was just relentless with her heckles. She ruined the show for many of us. I couldn't believe the staff didn't remove her immediately. I know it is common in the comedy clubs (smaller venues) for hecklers to shout out, but I have never experienced it in a concert type venue before. Why do hecklers do this?
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July 1st means one thing - BOOM CITY!!!!

The ONLY place to buy fireworks in the Seattle area - if you have the intention of buying ANY fireworks for this fourth, regardless of where you are in the area, a trip to Boom City near the Tulalip Casino is worth the drive. You can't go wrong!!
I've been going there for years, and always dealing with the same vendor, and I've never drove away with less than DOUBLE what the same $$ would have bought at any roadside vendor.
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Performing for the Drunkest Audience Ever (Tulalip Casino) - Patton Oswalt

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Anyone play Poker at Tulalip Casino in WA? How are the games / what games are there?

I know most people live in the Seattle area, but for those who either make the trip to one of the nicer casinos in WA or live North of Seattle and go there, what do you think of it? Soft games? Hard? What types/buy ins?
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[M4F] Will be at tulalip casino the 3rd Nov.

Pm me if interested. Looking to meet female for FWB, discreet. Me: 6'2", bearded, trimmed, clean, professional.
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What bars are open during the lockdown?

I, and many others, are looking for establishments following the state mandated guidelines of socially distanced outdoor seating. Inslee decreed they can stay open and I am not bothering trying to convince you to come out if you don't want to.
Ballard, Capitol Hill, Downtown, and Pioneer Square seem desolate so I went down to the Muckleshoot and also did some poking around... with a designated driver.
I haven't gone north, east, or west; so please list out more if you know of any. Again, only looking for legitimately open spots. Especially curious about the Fremont Dock and The Twilight Exit since they have good sized patios.
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Jacob Hilkins Remains have been found.

The remains of Jacob Hilkin, missing since January of 2018 when he disappeared from a bus stop in the Tulalip (WA) casino area, have been found in Marsyville, WA.
More info about the discovery of the remains is included in the link above.
I am so happy he has finally been found, although not in the way I was hoping for. I remember the day he went missing from the town I grew up in. Everyone was baffled as to where he went, why, and how. He went missing from a bus stop in Tulalip, by the casino. I know his two friends that were with him that day at the casino have refused to cooperate with police since day one.
The area of where his remains were found isn't far from Tulalip, but is still a distant from the bus stop he vanished from. If I remember correctly, his remains were found in the 7900 block of 31st Ave in Marysville (a town adjacent to tulalip). Right by a lake, too.
The most popular theory for his disappearance is that he possibly went to the homeless campsite behind the casino to try and purchase drugs (he was a recovering addict), but I don't think this was confirmed.
I honestly never thought this case would be solved.
It wont be long until the person(s) responsible for this are caught!
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Casino's are closing.

Tulalip Casino closed at 6pm and Angel of the Winds will be closing at 6 am. I don't know about Tulalip, but Angel of the Winds will be providing paid time off for employees during the closure.
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Two "The Vanished Podcast" case updates

George Tony Sandoval | Henderson, Nevada (episode 42)
George Tony Sandoval, 31, vanished on June 21st 2015 from the M Resort in Henderson, Nevada. He didn't tell his family where he was going when he left the hotel, and calls have gone unanswered since that day. He was an openly gay, Hispanic man, and in a relationship with Treigh Imsand at the time of his disappearance.
On January 20th 2020, it was announced that his remains had been located. No further information was given. An update was posted on the podcast episode page (linked above), and a social media post from his boyfriend confirming the news was shared on the podcast's facebook page.
Jacob Hilkin | Everett, Washington (episode 137)
Jacob Hilkin, 24, had recently moved out of his mother's house and in with some friends. After losing his job, he asked her if he could spend some time with her to organise his next steps, as he didn't have internet access at the place he was living. It was Monday, January 22nd 2018, and he was in good spirits. His mother went to bed at around 9pm, and when she woke up the following morning, Jacob had gone, and both the front and back doors had been left unlocked. She assumed he'd gone out and forgotten to lock up, and tried unsuccessfully to contact him before leaving to work, believing she would see him when she returned.
She found out later that he had been picked up by friends a couple of hours after she had gone to bed. One of them later told her that a friend named Robbi had driven them to the Tulalip Resort Casino to gamble. He claimed that they stayed there until the early hours, Robbi inside the casino, and Jacob and the other friend, Tyesean, waiting in the car outside as they had no more money.
Between 6 and 7 in the morning, their phones were dead when casino security asked the two friends to leave, refusing to let them go inside the casino to find Robbi or make a call. At that point, Jacob said he wanted to go home, and claimed he was going to take a bus to his mother's house. He left the parking lot, heading towards a bus stop. It was the last time Tyesean saw Jacob.
At around 10.20am on Tuesday, January 23rd, police had contact with Jacob at a camp located behind Quil Ceda Village. When they spoke to him, they had no reason to believe he was in danger, so did not contact anyone on his behalf. They witnessed him leave the camp, walking south on 27th Avenue NE.
That evening, when his mother returned home, Jacob had not returned. His Xbox had been left behind and was on, he had left $90 in cash, and his blankets remained untouched. After calling his friends and hearing about the previous evening, she called the police and reported him missing.
On Sunday, February 9th 2020, human skeleton remains were found in Marysville. These have since been identified as Jacob Hilkin. The death is not believed to be suspicious, but is being investigated.
Sad news for both families, but maybe real answers will come from this.
It's saddening to see how few articles there are about George's disappearance. I would definitely recommend listening to the podcast to get his full story.
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Tulalip Casino (Washington) is shutting down it's poker room for good October 31st 2019.

For those in Washington who live up North, this is a pretty big hit and will now have to venture down south to play some Poker. Depending on where you work and time of day, going down South just isn't feasible for a lot of people.
This casino was more a hub for Everett/Lynnwood/Marysville/Tulalip//Arlington/Lake Stevens/Mt Vernon folks, so to lose that is unfortunate. Small shoutout to Vancouver BC people as well, because this is a nice casino on the way to Seattle, as Marysville/Tulalip is just a couple hours from Vancouver, BC.
Unfortunately, not surprising. Casino's make so much more off slot machines and other table games. However, if you frequent this casino, it is a really nice casino/resort and to lose Poker, one of the more profitable player skill games here is a big shame and provides myself and many others less incentive to come to this very nice casino. It's already filled with what seems like thousands of slot machines, and I'm not interested in playing the least profitable games in the casino.
There is another Casino being built nearby, but no word on if it will have Poker and it obviously won't be as nice as this Casino/Resort is. One of the finest in Washington, but losing the Poker room for good. Such a shame.
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Your biggest Undeserved Win

1/3 nlhe Tulalip Casino, wa state. Friday night.
Im sitting with about 450 dollars. Across the table is a whale who is either limp-calling or raising every single hand, seemingly at random. He is sun-running and has managed to run his stack up to 800-900 dollars. On top of all of this, for some reason he has been reraising me, and only me, every time I try to raise preflop. Normally this would be great, but Ive been card-dead for the past hour and havent had anything to snap him off with. on to the hand.
Limps to whale who raises to 15. folds to me in SB with KQo, the first decent hand ive had in a while. I make it 45. Folds to Whale in MP who raises to 90. Since this is in Wa state, no more raises are allowed and I can only call.
Heads up to the flop, pot is ~180, im effective stack with like 300 behind.
Flop comes J54r. What follows is possibly the dumbest play in poker. I have no excuse. I "think" for a couple seconds (really i kinda just stared at the flop with a faint voice in my head screaming DONT BLUFF THE WHALE DONT BLUFF THE WHALE DONT BLUFF THE WHALE) and decide to pull the trigger and jam all in.
Now, you might be wondering why someone would jam all in for 2x the pot on J54r with king high. I could make up some bullshit about blockers, or how out of all my hands KQo has the least showdown value, or whatever, but the fact of the matter is that I was tilted off my ass from being card dead against this ridiculous player, and my ego took over.
So, I silently begin to shove my chips in, and as soon as i touch my chips Whale exclaims "I CALL!"
Now, I havent said anything, and none of my chips have crossed the line, so I could totally take back my bet. Its as if the poker gods sent an emissary down to slap some sense into me and give me a second chance to reconsider my actions. BUT FOR SOME FUCKING REASON, AFTER TAKING A MOMENT TO CONSIDER, I COMMIT MY CHIPS ANYWAY. Did I mention I was a little tilted at this point?
So here it is, Im about to get stacked with king high. I dont even wait for the runout, I just turn it over. Whale looks, smiles, and flips over...
32o. Hes got a straight draw, you see?
Board runs out clean. I scoop a 900 dollar pot with king high. The table is stunned. I update my stack count in my session tracker and tip the dealer two dollars. The robot feels no emotions, only math, etc etc.
I spend the rest of the session trying to justify my play to myself, oh i have blockers, oh hes calling with anything so i was ACTUALLY value betting, but even if it WAS a justifiable play, the fact of the matter is I had no reasons. It was pure ego and tilt. Im bad at poker and should feel bad. Im 450 dollars richer now tho, so theres that.
Anyone else make any plays that made them feel disgusted with themselves, after they won?
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r u ok op?
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you really sound like an awful person, not sure why you had to soap box on reddit about it.
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your mom was a smoker, stop deterring from the fact that it didnt help. Especially considering she was probably a lifetime smoker.
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disappointed that there is no mention of "janitor" at valve.
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Kpop is literally the worst fandom.


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Anyone want a movie ticket for "weathering with you" for August 16th at Coquitlam Cineplex?
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Is it true tulalip casino gives really good exchange rate?
eb9np5 in vancouver on 16 Dec 19 (1pts):
Should I be worried about taking japanese lessons next to oppenheimer park?
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Weed Delivery in Vancouver?
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Legit check. Snow miku Nendoroid
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Any shoppers drug mart carry new Nintendo switch games around burnaby/vancouver?
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Internet price check.
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I've been trying to leave the Northshore since 3pm. It's now 5:30 and I'm still in gridlocked traffic.
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My annoyance with taxi's against ridesharing.
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please stop hitting my car
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Seattle Cash Games? Any PLO?

Hey guys,
I’m gonna be visiting Seattle for the next few days & I was wondering where the best cash games are? How many casinos are there? From my research, it looks like Tulalip & Muckleshoot is where the most action is, but this info was from a few years back & maybe it’s changed some. I also prefer to play PLO so I would love it if there were some PLO games to play, or any variation of Omaha. The higher the stakes the better (within reason). My normal stakes are 10/25 PLO, are there any games like that around Seattle? Thanks in advance for any info!
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Destination: Tulalip

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
Tulalip Resort Casino is an Indian casino and resort in Quil Ceda Village, Washington, owned and operated by the Tulalip Tribes of Washington. It opened in 2004 as Tulalip Casino, and was renamed in late 2007 because of the new hotel, which opened August 15, 2008.[1] In addition to the AAA Four Diamond award-winning 12-story hotel with 370 rooms and suites, the resort includes 192,000 square feet (17,800 m2) of gaming space. The property has 7 restaurants: Tulalip Bay, Blackfish, Cedars Cafe, The Draft Bar and Grill, Journeys East, Eagles Buffet and Canoes Carvery. The T Spa is the resort's onsite spa and features 14,000 square feet (1,300 m2) of treatment rooms. There are also meeting facilities, and the Canoes Cabaret, Orca Ballroom, and Tulalip Amphitheatre for entertainment events.[1]
I had just passed through Arlington when the Taco Time began to take hold. The meaty filling and breathtaking sauces had begun to plummet my belly's pH level to a low that now refused all immigrants to my stomach like a pack of Texans at a gun show in a Trump convention. Or something. I turned to my wife and told her we were going to need to stop.
This was a mistake.
She beamed at me and said "How about the Outlet Mall?"
I would like to say I didn't shit my pants. But I shit my pants. I needed to pull over and a thought occurred to me. Well, two thoughts: fireworks and the casino. Any able bodied Washingtonian should know that the Outlet Mall in Tulalip is a win situation. In fact, it's not a bad idea to tell your wife that "Hey, you deserve a treat - let's go to the Outlet Mall in Tulalip." And then drive her up there, stay for the Banana Republic and Starbucks and then "Hey, hon, I might have more fun if I went over to the casino." And then drink until she has to drive and gamble until she has to take all the clothing she bought at the mall back.
So, it was off to the Outlet Mall. Luckily, they sold underwear.
Nothing in life is free. And nothing in life is easy. So, I did have to purchase new underwear and I had a little more trouble than I imagined getting out of the Outlet Mall.
The mall seems extremely escapable as it's outside. However, you must be quick with your "Ho-hum, I'll just go to the Casino" story. You must say it nonchalant and give your partner a look that says "I can take it or leave it". Unfortunately for me, she replied "Maybe next time."
I forgot that our chance adventure at the Outlet Mall was a product of me shitting my pants and not a gift on a Saturday of spousal Outlet shopping.
"Look" I said. "I need to sit down and rest. We just spent the last five hours driving from Canada down here and Taco Time made me shit my pants AND I had to go into Banana Republic. I need to chill. This is important to me." Telling a loved one something is important to you is very important. You must use it wisely.
She gave me a look that said that she wouldn't forget it, but I got clearance to leave. I nodded her adieu and made my way through the Outletters.
There is a sick notion in the American mind that goods and services can be had on the cheap by venturing into an Outlet Mall. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the new underwear I was wearing had already begun to split at the seams. There is a reason the Outlets are far away from civilization - it impedes returns.
Teams of tourists surrounded me, looking for bargains, when all I wanted to do was get away from them. The cheap kitchenware and taffy were not the drugs I needed at this time. I needed fireworks, beer, and that feeling that only comes when you pull cash out of a credit card to get your bank account back from the greedy wheel at the roulette table.
"Back, you!" I shouted at the Scientologist that is a permanent fixture at the Outlet Mall.
"But it's just a personality test!" She screamed after me.
"I take that personal!" I screamed back.
Into a Japanese tourist I slammed and spilled their belongings of muffin pans, omelet makers, and fudge named after some damn mountain in Montana that no one knows about or wants to.
Security was on me and took a hold of my collar and shook me like a bag of gold. "Out of here, you joker!" the guard yelled.
"Thank you." I whispered as he shoved me out into the parking lot and on my way to the firework stand.
There's nothing like a firework stand. Well, nothing like a good one: the kind that will sell you enough explosives to get sanctions slapped on you. Tulalip was one.
Much like sister city Auburn, Tulalip did not disappoint in the firework department. They had razzlers, tazzlers, jizzles and phazims. They had rollies, tollies, gollies, and bazims. I made all those words up, but the point is that you simply point at the biggest cannon you see at the stand and say "I'll take that."
Some of the fireworks are themed. There's a Terminator themed pack full of cannons and mortars. There's a Star Wars themed pack of cannons and mortars. There's even a Celebrity Chef pack that has...cannons and mortars.
Because of my hurry and my need to return to my loving wife within the two hours it would take her to figure out nothing fits, I went for the bone: the stuff they pretend they won't sell you unless you act like something illegal is going on.
I approached the fireworks dealer. "Sir - I would like - come closer."
"Yes?" The man asked.
"I hear your firework stand is the best." I cozied up to the register and began toying with a pack of Saturn Missiles seductively.
"Big Tits and Ass Fireworks is the best. My grandfather built Big Tits and Ass Fireworks with his bare hands! Tulalip Nation!" The man screamed and the other firework dealers screamed back.
"Yes, that's all well and good. It is a fine establishment. But tell me this...."
"Yesssss?' He asked, winking.
"Can I get..."
"A tennis ball full of....."
"Gun powder?!"
My head shot up and I looked at him cross and said "Good lord, no! Cocaine! Cocaine, my good man! I want to buy cocaine from you!"
Again I was tossed out of an outlet. This time it was the fireworks kind. I had flown too close to the sun. I figured I'd get some sparklers. Then I figured a mortar. Then I figured an M80. Then I just went all in and asked for cocaine. I was severely off my game.
I got back in the car and began cursing the Tulalip Nation in the only language I knew: English.
Sure, I took some sign language and Spanish, but I didn't remember most of it and wasn't going to Google it.
Not now. Not with the casino a half a mile away.
I parked the car and took out a cigarette from a pack I kept in the trunk for just such an occasion: shitting your pants, getting kicked out of an outlet mall, trying to buy cocaine, and then getting kicked out of a firework stand.
I called it Old Smokey.
Tulalip Casino is a majestic building that greets you with fountains and lights and all the majesty of realizing you are about to lose money you don't have to a video game themed on the premise of milking money out of a cow.
As you enter, the smoke comes on you like hot fudge on a sundae if hot fudge was smoke and you were a sundae. The atmosphere reminds you of a wedding some uncle had before he went to jail for a crime that the family will not acknowledge in public. From room to room you feel that rush of being a racial minority for the first time in your life, only to become just another white guy leering at a cocktail waitress behind aviator glasses in the next room - complicating this is the fact that you're Korean.
There's an aroma of food under the nicotine and perfume, but you can't quite make out what it might be. It could be spare ribs or it could be Pad Thai, but what it won't be is good. There is no good food made by human beings that can be carried from poker table to poker table in a plastic sack. Sure, there's the nice restaurant where you sit down and eat your food at a table instead of in your car crying as you try to figure out how you're going to tell your wife that you lost the life savings and all you got out of it was a free bag of sliders and fries...but you don't want to sit down and eat food like a human. You want to gamble.
Like most casinos, the Tulalip has a club you can join to lose money within a kind of fraternal order of losers. Sure, you'll get free money and smokes and food, but those things just keep you anchored to that casino. No, the real pros skip the club and lose on their own terms.
Like me. It was time to lose money the only way I knew: video slots. Video slots are like the slot machines of old, only they have little video games within them where you get entertained as you pay for three computers and a college education for a Tulalip Nation member's family. There are bonuses, free spins, and even quests where you lose money by way of slaying dragons or orcs or zombies.
I slid a hundred in and began navigating a gnome around a fairytale castle hoping to hit the jackpot that would possibly pay off my car, but certainly wouldn't make me a rich man. As I slid hundred after hundred in the machine, the damn gnome continued to get lost in the flower city of Zambel. I shouted at the gnome "JESUS, WILL YOU PICK THE CORRECT DOOR - THIS IS COSTING ME MONEY!" But the gnome failed to pick the right door and I was out 800 dollars.
I went to the bar.
"At least I can get drunk now." I was left to my own shame in a bar in the casino, nursing a beer and trying to imagine how to rob the Wal Mart next door and actually make any money.
I had another half hour before I would have to meet my wife and explain how we couldn't have kids now.
"You seem down on your luck." The bartender looked at me from behind a mask of years of inbreeding. His eyes were fused and his cycloptic movements made me cringe as he pushed a matchbook across the table to me. "Meet this man at the city limits."
"You mean the Exit door?"
I couldn't possibly see how this man (T.C. said the matchbook) or any other man could help me out in the predicament the Native Americans had put me in. Oh, who was I kidding, it was my fault!
And the Native Americans. And my wife's. If she wouldn't have shit her pants on the way home - but I must not blame, I thought.
"Hear you need a job, kid." It was Tom Cruise.
"What the hell are you doing here?"
"I own this place."
"Hell no. I had to take a piss on the way home from Canada. You lose some money?"
"It's true, Mr. Cruise! I am guilty of gambling! But the Native Americans made me do it. It was some ancient curse, some demon that -"
"Speaking of ancient curses - have you heard about Xenu?"
"Good. Now, I hear you need some money."
"YES! I DO! Did the cyclops tell you?"
"The...no, that's John Travolta."
"He's a bartender?"
"No. He's a drunk. Look, you want to make some money or not?"
"I don't have to...?" I made a gesture with the hotdog I always keep in my pocket for just such instances.
"Let me just show you."
"Free personality test!" I yelled at the Japanese tourist.
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Everett CC To Host NWAC Basketball Championships

The Everett Community College men’s basketball team made history when they wrapped up their 2018-19 basketball season at home against Bellevue. For the first time in school history, the Trojans finished the year undefeated in conference play. On top of that, Markieth Brown Jr continued to add to his points total with 24 after breaking the career record against Whatcom two days prior. If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the team play, you’re missing out! But don’t worry. You still have a chance to catch the boys in action as Everett will be hosting the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) Basketball Championships from the Sweet Sixteen starting on March 7th to the championship game on March 17th. This will be the fourth straight year that the Championships are held at the Walt Price Student Fitness Center with the Trojans also hosting for the next two years at least.
“The NWAC was looking to leave the Tri-Cities where the tournament had been hosted for 15 years due to the cost of hosting the men's and women's tournament in the Toyota Center,” said Everett Community College Athletic Director Garet Struder, “At the time Larry Walker was the AD and head men's basketball coach at Everett, and he put in a bid, with the support of the institution and the Snohomosh County Sports Commission and Tourism Bureau to host.” Everett won that bid and was given the rights to host from 2015-2018. According to NWAC’s Director of Operations, Alli Young, Everett beat out Clackamas CC, Pierce College, and The Evergreen State College for the initial bid. After those three years, they put in a bid to renew and were awarded the privilege of hosting from 2019-2021.
Hosting the tournament isn’t something the school takes for granted either. “We love having the opportunity to host,” Struder stated. Struder also said that it feels like Everett’s “contribution to the league, to host and provide a quality experience for not only our student athletes, but all of the participating student athletes from various NWAC schools who have worked hard all season long and deserve a first class championship experience.”
Struder also believes that Everett was selected because of their facilities and the people on campus. He stated that he thins Everett has one of the “nicest venues in the NWAC” and a lot of “institutional support.” From a good amount of seating to ease of live-streaming, Larry Walker Court at the Walt Price Student Fitness Center provides a perfect venue for a large scale event like this. As for the people involved, Struder said that the school has a lot of “great people here at EvCC that volunteer and really help to make this event a success.” This includes people from security, custodial, IT, Conference Services, Student Life, and many other parts of the school and the community. Young also said that Everett’s backing from the Snohomish County Sports Commission strengthened the bid.
However, it isn’t just a service to the conference. There is definitely an advantage to hosting the tournament. There’s no travel cost for the Trojans. If the tournament had been hosted by another school like North Idaho, for example, the Trojans would have had to pay for transportation to and from Coeur d’Alene and deal with all of the costs associated with a long road trip. If Everett made it to the Final Four, they would have made that trip twice. Plus, there’s nothing quite like sleeping in your own bed. The home atmosphere will help the Trojans immensely, as Struder put it, “Familiarity builds confidence, knowing that they can win on this floor and compete with anybody.”
If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should go, there are going to be some pretty cool promotions during the tournament. One of which is the Jimmy Johns Best Seat in the House contest, where a fan will win the opportunity to “sit court-side in a leather sofa recliner and enjoy fresh Jimmy Johns sandwiches.” Another such promotion will be the Tulalip Resort Clear the Court Contest, in which fans “have 30 seconds to make a layup, followed by a free throw, and then a three pointer winning prizes along the way for each stage they complete.” If they make all three of those shots, they will get the chance to shoot a half court shot to win a summer concerts package from Tulalip Resort Casino. The Clear the Court Contest will take place at half-time of every game played.
Everett comes in as a 1 seed and will play their first game of the tourney on Thursday night at 8 pm against Lower Columbia. The full bracket can be seen here.
Overall, it should be a fantastic event. From a great on court product to sensational opportunities for fan engagement, there’s something for every sports fan. If you haven’t had the chance to check out a Trojans game yet, you should definitely find the time to come down and see them play during the NWAC Championships!
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